WaneCorp Capital Limited

WaneCorpis a privately-owned and private capital investment company that secures funding for its wholly owned or joint-venture projects/companies (real estate, gold, copper, iron ore mining including oil and gas) and provides Custom global trade solutions to traders, Financial Intermediation, Private Banking and Wealth Management.

Through affiliated companies and in cooperation with trusted partners, we actively buy & sell MTNs, BGs, SBLCs, Treasuries and other Fixed Income products, and trade multiple products in the Fixed Income space.

We are involved in deal origination for investors, project funding for Business Owners, feasibility studies, research and due diligence at various levels for investors, early stage financial and operations analysis for investors and business owners. Also provide assistance and independent advisory in business formations..

In addition, through our key involvement and role in development projects, we have established a very strong relationship and close ties with the high ranking authorities and decision-makers in various countries for which we seek financial assistance and funding for projects.

We extend our trade finance support to importers & exporters in various commodities like sugar, rice, grains, edible oil, food stuff, precious metals, cement, bitumen, urea, crude oil, JP54, Diesel, copper, iron, steel, machinery, and construction projects.

We are dedicated to growing, managing and protecting your assets. We focus on you the client and aim to satisfy your needs by tailoring our expertise in banking, investments and wealth management to ensuring through your Relationship Manager (RM) that the products, services and advice you receive are current with your needs.  Your RM, supported by our various specialists, will assist or guide you in not only defining but also securing your financial objectives.  We will, on the basis of your requirements, make every use of our in-house capacity and resources as well as those of our strong network of global alliance partners.

We will help you show your ability to meet your contractual trade obligations. Rely on our expertise to PRESERVE your working capital and use our BANK GUARANTEES or LETTERS of CREDIT issued by our network of partners.


Whether you rely on us or manage your own investment portfolio, our investment specialists and partners are dedicated and available to supply you with the tools and resources you need for better investments strategy decisions.

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